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At AMA Construction NSW Pty Ltd, We Believe In Building With The Best And Delivering Quality At Affordable Prices. We Offer Our Clients A Professional Experience From Start To Finish!. AMA Construction NSW Pty Ltd Draws On 7+ years experience, With Tons of Happy And Satisfied Clients And Generally Awesome Feedbacks!!!


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Granny Flats can add value to your property sale price or provide a great rental yield. Most flats in residential areas will earn a similar rent to a two-bedroom unit.

For instance, if you invest $100,000 at 7% interest into building a granny flat at your house in Western Sydney, you can rent it out for approximately $450 a week.

You would be paying the mortgage off at an estimated $200 per week. That is a gross rental yield of 23%, or an extra $13,000 in your bank account per annum.

The average rental yield is 15-18% depending on where you live and is usually higher in Sydney and surrounding suburbs where Granny Flat Leaders currently builds.

Our expert team will work with you to maximise the results from your granny flat project by recommending design features based on your land, existing building, aspect and usage requirements.

A bespoke concept plan will be provided to you based on your project brief which ensures that all of our projects hit the mark.

We Take Care Of Everything For You

AMA Construction NSW Ptyhave a range of over 30 standard design packages that can be customised to your needs and make the most of every square metre.

Our range of one, two and three bedroom Granny flat plans will utilise your backyard space to its full potential.

Available in a range of exteriors, roof types and finish levels each design can be tailored to suits your requirements, be it a robust and affordable investment through to a top of the line designer AMA Construction NSW Pty..

AMA Construction NSW Pty Ltd  Are Really Awesome In the granny flat building industry.
AMA Construction NSW Pty Ltd  have all the right people, excellent network of tradies.
AMA Construction NSW Pty Ltd  have done a fantastic job with my granny flat which has been commended for good workmanship.

Their friendly and hard-working team has been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the construction phase


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