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At AMA Construction NSW Pty Ltd, We Believe In Building With The Best And Delivering Quality At Affordable Prices. We Offer Our Clients A Professional Experience From Start To Finish!. AMA Construction NSW Pty Ltd Draws On 7+ years experience, With Tons of Happy And Satisfied Clients And Generally Awesome Feedbacks!!!

Our New Completed Granny Flat

10% Discount On Purchase Closes In

22A  Park Road, East Hills NSW 2213 Austalia

Interior Design

Latest Interior Design Items Used By The Team.

General Interior Designs

Bathroom And Toilet

Bathroom And Toilet

Awesome Bathroom And Toilet Facilities Built In By Our Super Team

Highy, Customisable, In A Serene Environment, Well Furnished By The Awesome Team Of AMA Construction NSW Pty Ltd.

General Features Of This Granny Flat Have Been Completed, Kitchen, Toilet, Interior and exterioir designs as well!

Eterior Finishes

Complete Exterior Finishes

Eterior Finishes

Quality Exterior and Interior Pieces Of Walls!

Highly Ventilated Granny Flat!

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AMA Construction NSW Ptyhave a range of over 30 standard design packages that can be customised to your needs and make the most of every square metre.

Our range of one, two and three bedroom Granny flat plans will utilise your backyard space to its full potential.

Available in a range of exteriors, roof types and finish levels each design can be tailored to suits your requirements, be it a robust and affordable investment through to a top of the line designer AMA Construction NSW Pty..


29 Debbie Cir Mount,
Druitt NSW 2770  


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